Active Spectators isolation picks from Sky Movies and Amazon Prime!

As many of us find ourselves at home during these unusual times, it may well be that you find yourself with a bit more time to kill. We’ve pulled together a list of our top 5 films to watch from Sky Movies and Amazon Prime all off which are available to watch in the UK right now. First up are our top picks from Sky Movies

1) Christopher Robin, 2018
Rating: PG Length: 104mins

In this delightful family movie we find Christopher Robin, now a fully grown man and working in London, struggling with the pressures of adulthood. He encounters his childhood friend, Winnie the Pooh, who helps him rediscover his joy.

2) Jaws, 1975
Rating: PG Length: 124mins

In this 1975 classic we see the beaches of Amity Island stalked by a great white shark. As the shark starts to pick off it’s prey, Sheriff Brody fights to shut down the beaches and with the assistance of a marine biologist and a local fisherman sets about hunting the killer shark.

3) Mamma Mia: Here we go again, 2018
Rating: 12A Length: 114mins

The all singing, all dancing prequel/sequel to Mamma Mia (2008). The film flashes between the events 5 years after the original movie setting where Sophie is preparing to open the hotel that her mother dreamed of and the story, years before, of Donna falling in love with the island and meeting Sam, Harry and Bill.

4) Shooter, 2007
Rating: 15 Length: 124mins

One of the worlds greatest marksman, Bob Lee Swagger is living in exile until he is coaxed back into action after learning of a plot to kill the president. After being double crossed for the attempt and on the run, he sets out for the really killer and the truth.

5) Walk the line, 2005
Rating: 12A Length: 135mins

The chronicle of country music legend Johnny Cash. From his childhood, efforts to get noticed for his music right through to finding fame and all of the challenges that go along with it. We see various relationships, substance abuse and heartache, all events that fed into the music that still lives on today.

If you don’t have access to Sky Movies but do have Amazon Prime, why not check these 5 movies out:

1) Fantastic Mr Fox, 2010
Rating: PG Length: 87mins

In a time of quarantine why not bunker down with the charismatic animals born from the great mind of Roald Dahl? I’m sure many of you already know the story, but Wes Anderson’s take on the classic children’s novel follows the enigmatic Mr Fox as he attempts to daringly provide for his family, despite the oppression from the three rival farmers; Boggis, Bunce and Bean. Not only is this fairly short, family friendly and just a bit of fun, the film is Anderson doing what he does best, and draws you in to the world of these unusual characters.

2) The King of Comedy, 1982
Rating: PG Length: 108mins

With a story that follows aspiring comedian Rupert Pupkin (Robert de Niro) in his attempts to reach the spotlight, going as far as stalking a chat show host, many couldn’t help but draw parallels to ‘The King of Comedy’ when Todd Phillip’s ‘Joker’ came out last year. But in Scorsese’s brilliant film, there’s a lesser focus on the over-stylised elements, and a greater appreciation for the psychological sides between a desire for fame that floods through the film’s lead.

3) 8 1/2, 1963
Rating: NR Length: 138mins

For some, the world of foreign language cinema can be both intriguing and intimidating, with uncertainty on where to start, despite a wish to explore what the rest of the world has to offer. The recent success of films such as Parasite and Roma has shed a greater light on this side of cinema, and with a quarantine meaning that spending an evening on a film you’re uncertain about being less significant than usual, there’s no better time to delve into foreign films. With that in mind, Federico Fellini’s Italian film ‘8 ½’ is a great place to start. The film explores the life of a film director at the peak of his career, who suddenly realises that he is at a loss for ideas, and reflects back on his childhood and past relationships.

4) Inside Llewelyn Davis, 2013
Rating: 15 Length: 102mins

Perhaps best summarised as being quietly beautiful, the Coen Brother’s take on the developing New York folk scene of the 60’s is explored through the slightly arrogant and slightly pitiful lens of hopeful singer-songwriter Llewelyn Davis, who is played brilliantly by Oscar Isaac. As he tries to find any route into the industry, Davis’s relationships with those around him draws the viewer into the film and the overall aesthetic created by the Coen’s can’t help but hold your attention.

5) Hunt For the Wilderpeople, 2016
Rating: 12A Length: 97mins

Taika Waititi is undeniably one of the most popular contemporary working directors, with recent films including ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ and ‘Jojo Rabbit.’ The laugh-out-loud style of charming humour found within those releases can be traced back to his earlier work in his native country of New Zealand, such as ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople.’ Filled with heartwarming moments and dialogue, this film follows the story of Rickie Baker, a defiant city kid who is orphaned and must become accustomed to life with his auntie and her husband in the wilds of New Zealand’s forest land. There’s a charm to this film that you just can’t help but fall in love with.

Bonus: If you really love ‘Hunt for the Wilderpeople,’ then I can’t recommend enough Waititi’s earlier film ‘Boy,’ which falls into a similar vein as his 2016 release, but has perhaps even more charm and heart, as well as the same amount of hilarious comedy.

We’re so lucky to have access to so many great movies while cinemas are closed and we are required to stay inside. Stay tuned in the following days for our top picks from Netflix and of course, our weekly reviews published every Friday.

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