Top ten isolation picks from Netflix!

As we enter yet another week of lockdown we thought we’d share our top picks from Netflix. I’m sure you’ll find something for everyone in our list.

1) Marriage Story, 2019
Rating: 15 Length: 137mins

In Noah Baumbach’s highly acclaimed Netflix original film, we follow the story of a couple going through a divorce. Though not a particularly ‘happy’ film, we are transported into the lives of this family as they negotiate their own feelings and try to do what is right by their young son. Whether this is the sort of film you would watch ordinarily, the lockdown presents an opportunity to try something new and encounter truly brilliant writing and outstanding performances.

2) La La land, 2016
Rating: 12 Length: 128mins

A film which seems to divide the masses into ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’, I think this film is a work of genius. A modern day musical with a very raw essence. A love story of an actress and musician whilst facing their struggles trying to find work in Hollywood. A beautiful score, meaningful lyrics and a real glimpse into the lives of artists.

3) Mystic Pizza, 1988
Rating: 15 Length: 104mins

We included this film as a bit of light relief. It’s an easy watch, a coming of age story following three teenage girls who all work in a pizza parlour in the town of Mystic. Starring a young Julia Roberts alongside Annabeth Gish and Lili Taylor, we watch the three girls as they fall in love and face their own personal struggles.

4) Coach Carter, 2005
Rating: 12 Length: 136mins

This is just a great film. The story is of a high school basketball team and their new coach who imposes strict rules on the team. While we are in lockdown why not watch a coach lockdown his gym to help young people consider the importance of things other than their sport…

5) The King, 2019
Rating: 15 Length: 140mins

Another Netflix original that slipped by relatively unnoticed upon it’s release in 2019. A historical drama starring Timothée Chalamet and Joel Edgerton see’s a young uninterested prince have to step into the shoes of his father, handle messy politics and a war his father left behind. Solid performances and an interesting story makes for an entertaining watch.

6) Captain Fantastic, 2016
Rating: 15 Length: 119mins

For many of us who may be missing the outside a lot at the minute, ‘Captain Fantastic’ may be the best film for escaping into the wilderness for two hours. Following the family of a father who decides against everyday life and the consumerist values upheld by most, our lead character, Ben, begins a life with his wife in a seemingly utopian vision of natural living out in the wilds of America. However, after a life-changing event occurs for the family, they must once again venture back into normal life. Filled with humour and touching moments, ‘Captain Fantastic’ is a great watch for anyone who wants to escape for an evening.

7) Spirited Away, 2001
Rating: PG Length: 125mins

The perfect film for families, Spirited Away guides the viewer through the bizarre mind of director Hayao Miyazaki, as a young girl finds herself trapped in a world of magical and strange creatures as she must search for a reverse of a mysterious transformation that her parents have undergone. Generally considered to be the greatest animated film ever made, there isn’t a dull moment in this pinnacle of Japanese cinema.

8) Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, 2015
Rating: 12 Length: 105mins

The story of ‘Me and Earl and the Dying Girl’ follows high schooler Greg, a slightly strange character who likes to hang out with his deadpan friend Earl, who he makes bizarre and homemade parodies of classic films with. The rest of the time he avoids as much social interaction as possible whilst also trying to remain a fleeting part of every clique in his school. However, his mother forcing him to befriend a classmate with Leukaemia could change all of this. This indie release is both heart-warming and heart-breaking, and definitely worth a watch.

9) Blue Velvet, 1986
Rating: 18 Length: 120mins

If you’re growing tired of the same everyday routine during this quarantine, then David Lynch may be the perfect man to disrupt any sort of convention in your life. After a young man discovers a human ear in a field, he begins investigating a mysterious nightclub singer and the group of criminals who’ve kidnapped her child. A take on the dreamlike American ‘white-picket-fence’ suburbia of the 1950’s, ‘Blue Velvet’ serves as a satirical critique of such a lifestyle.

10) Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers, 1993
Rating: U Length: 30mins

Although technically a short film, we’ll allow this one because you can’t help but love the world that Nick Park creates in his Oscar-winning animated short, ‘The Wrong Trousers.’ Gromit finds that he’s being pushed from his own home after Wallace brings in a new lodger to cover the cost of the rent. However, the lodger isn’t who they claim to be, and as events spiral out of control, Wallace finds that he really needs Gromit more than he may have thought.

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