Welcome to Active Spectator

The blog is run by Ellen and Fred, both avid movie watchers with a passion for film. We’ll be posting every week, covering a range of topics and opening up conversation on a whole variety of films.

Our posts will fit in to one of the following categories:

  • Latest reviews
  • A look ahead
  • Commenting on…
  • Classics

We don’t want to ruin anything for you so if you’re reading one of our latest reviews we will do our best to avoid spoilers, only using information publicly shared or shown in the trailer. There may, however, be some movies where it’s not possible to discuss without commenting on major plot points. Don’t worry though, any reviews that include spoilers will warn you at the top of the post!

Our classics category will be discussing films that released at least a year previous to the post and may well contain spoilers but, as with the latest review category, you will be warned if there are any spoilers included in the post.

Finally it’s worth pointing out that our thoughts are our own and there’s a good chance we won’t always agree with each other but isn’t that the joy of film? We would love to hear what you think – if you agree with something you’ve read, strongly disagree or just have other comments about a film you’ve watched in the cinema recently please do leave a comment or email us at theactivespectator@gmail.com. You can also follow us on Instagram @activespectator